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    2016 Fall Tryouts!

    2016 Fall Tryouts will be announced soon!

    2016 Summer/Fall Season

    Your 2016 Spring/Summer Season will begin in March. Teams will play a 16-18 game season plus playoff and championship. Please contact the office if you have a team or want to start your own team. If you are an individual wanting to join a team tryouts is the best way to be placed on a team. If you miss tryouts please fill out the Player-Pool Registration. If you are already on a team you need to click on the 2016 Spring/Summer Registration and follow the links. Please let us know what we can do to help. Offering Baseball Since 1993!

    Final Week 16


    Still Time...

    There is always time for you to join...

    • Start your own team
    • Bring your current team into the league or
    • Join the Player-Pool List and be placed on a team


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    Missed Tryouts?

    If you missed tryouts there is still time to join a team. We are working on evening out the number of teams we have and filling the current rosters. Please register on the Player-Pool List first. We will place you on a team ASAP.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or if you want to run your own team or have your own team and want to join our league.

    Quote For The Day

    “There’s sunshine, fresh air, and the team’s behind us. Let’s play two.”

    Ernie Banks
    Mr. Cub

    The Player-Pool is for individuals who would like to be placed onto a team. You will also receive updates to league activities and new seasons. Please follow the link below.

    Take Me Out To The Ballgame

    Patrick Blake

    Patrick Blake

    League President

    Maury Wills

    Congratulations to my friend Los Angeles Dodger Great Maury Wills being nominated for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Maury along with Gil Hodges are part of the Golden Era to be voted on by the Veterans Committee.

    The link below is for you to ad your name to the list of supporters to vote Los Angeles Dodgers Great Maury Wills into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Maury changed the game with his base stealing and bunting expertise.
    For more info go to Maury's site.