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Your 2015 Season Tryouts


Manager's Meeting and Tryouts

Tryouts and Manager's Meeting
When: Sunday January 25th at 10am
Where: Covina High School- Varsity Field
For all players wanting to be drafted and placed onto a team for the
upcoming 2015 Season.

Cost: There is a $5 tryout fee. 
Bring a glove and have fun!

  • Start your own team
  • Bring your current team into the league or
  • Join a team through these tryouts

2015 Summer/Fall Season

The 2015 Spring/Summer Season will begin in March. Teams will play a 16 game season plus playoff and championship. If you are an individual wanting to join a team please come to tryouts that will be your best opportunity to join a team. If you miss tryouts please fill out the Player-Pool Registration. If you are a player on a team you need to click on the 2015 Spring/Summer Registration and follow through the links. There are several ways to play in our league; bring your team into the league, start your own team or join a team through tryouts or player-pool. Please let us know what we can do to help.

If You Missed Tryouts...

If you missed tryouts and are an individual wanting to play please join the Player-Pool to the right. Fill out all the information and we will get you placed ASAP. The other option is to start your own team or manage a team. We will help you get players from tryouts.

Your 2015 Baseball Season!

   We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season. We want to touch base with you and remind you that your 2015 SCABL Season is just around the corner. 
   Manager's Meeting is Tuesday night January 20th at 7pm at Hooters in West Covina.
   For individuals and small groups Tryouts will be on Sunday
January 25th at Covina High School, Varsity Field at 10am. There is a $5 registration fee paid at the field. Bring your glove, take some swings and Have Fun! To the right you will see the Tryout Registration which is not needed but appreciated to help in letting the teams know how many players are attending. 
   Your 2015 Season will begin in March. Be sure to join the database by registering on the Player-Pool List. The Player-Pool list is completely separate from the Tryout Registration and adds you to our database. This ensures you to receive e-mail updates with special announcements, tryouts and other important dates and activities. 
   Please contact the League Office with any questions on forming your own team or if you have your own team and want to join the league. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2015.

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Player-Pool Registration is for those individuals who are unable to make or missed tryouts. You can join the Player-Pool anytime. You will also receive updates to league activities and new seasons. This will help place you on a team. Please follow the link below.

Patrick Blake

Patrick Blake

League President

Maury Wills

Congratulations to my friend Los Angeles Dodger Great Maury Wills being nominated for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Maury along with Gil Hodges are part of the Golden Era to be voted on by the Veterans Committee.

The link below is for you to ad your name to the list of supporters to vote Los Angeles Dodgers Great Maury Wills into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Maury changed the game with his base stealing and bunting expertise.
For more info go to Maury's site.